Easy Video Capture makes it simple to create and send video messages!

With our Video Messages tool, you can now record a quick video message and start conversations faster. Our brain processes visual information much more rapidly, which means that a video in a LinkedIn Message lets you deliver all the necessary information remarkably fast.

Quickly and easily create a video message and copy and paste a unique URL and Animated Thumbnail Image into popular programs like:

  • LinkedIn Messaging
  • Gmail / Outlook 365
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • WordPress
  • And more!

You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

Why is sending a video message so effective?

  • People retain 95% of the information in comparison with 10% from reading a text
  • Puts a name with a face
  • Builds trust with new and existing customers
  • Your message is clearly understood
  • Less boring than traditional text messages
  • Call-to-actions are built-in

Easy Video Capture Helps Your Team

Record or Upload from Any Device

Instant Video Encoding

Real-Time Tracking

Animated Thumbnails

Video Message Features:

  • Unlimited Web-based Recording
  • Instant Video Encoding
  • Switch Camera Functionality
  • Animated Thumbnail Displays in LinkedIn Messaging, Slack, SMS, WordPress HTML and More!
  • Animated Thumbnail Displays in popular email marketing software like Mailchimp, Kartra, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and More!
  • Animated Thumbnail Displays in popular email programs like Gmail and Outlook 365
  • Call-to-Action Buttons (Phone/Email/Custom Link)
  • Receive email notifications when your video message has been played
  • Showcase a Custom Branded Thumbnail (optional)
  • SMTP Settings (Spam Buster!)
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Real-time View Notifications
  • Detailed Email Tracking Reports (Opens, clicks, plays)
  • Upload Pre-recorded Videos
  • Fusion – Upload and “Fuse” Pre-recorded Videos Into Your Personalized Video Email COMING SOON!
  • % of Video Watched COMING SOON!
  • Free Email Support
  • Free Chat Support
  • Knowledgebase Access

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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

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