Easy Video Capture makes it simple to create fully produced and branded videos.

Branded videos tell your story and connects you with your customers with the kind of content they love. Branded videos build awareness, personalizes your brand, which is YOU! Whether you need a creative video to explain your product or services, share pro tips, or introduce your team members, Easy Video Capture makes the process simple and painless. With just a few clicks you can capture or upload video content, add an animated logo, select from music from our library and create or upload a custom call-to-action.

You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

Why is creating branded videos so effective?

  • Branded videos are not salesy
  • Participate with a conversation rather than disrupt it
  • 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot/2019)
  • In 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads (Cisco/2019)
  • Eight out of ten people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video (Wyzowl/2019)

Easy Video Capture Helps Your Team

Create Expert Tip Videos

Create Branded Explainer Videos

Speak Clearly to Your Audience

Create Product Review Videos

Branded Video Features:

  • Record Up To A 90sec. Branded Video
  • Add a Call-To-Action Graphic
  • Add Your Custom Generated Animated Logo Video Opener
  • Choose from a library of background music files to use in the background of your video
  • Download final produced video into an Mp4 format
  • Add final produced video to popular social platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Add final produced video to your website

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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!


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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

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