Easy Video Capture makes it simple to capture video stories.

Everyone remembers a good story. Our story video tool lets you create three unique scenes. Those scenes could be a question or a statement – “What is an insurance deductible?” or “When is a good time to refinance my home?” or “Why should I work with a local lender?” Once you have crafted your scenes you are ready to hit the record button and record a story video.

Easy Video Capture is also a great way to easily lead your customers through a testimonial. You simply identify the questions you want to ask your customer and let your customers share their experience in video answers. Story videos are like extended video testimonials. You create 3 questions or topics you’d like your customers to answer, and one at a time, your customers can record their answers from any device. When they’re done, we turn it into a seamless video you can share on your website, YouTube, or social media.

You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

Why are story videos so effective?

  • Quickly share topics and ideas with video
  • Create interactive social media videos
  • Create and drive community engagement
  • Quickly create videos for Facebook and Instagram TV
  • Share your experience and expertise in minutes

Easy Video Capture Helps Your Team

Share Your Knowledge

Increase Community Engagement

Share Your Stories on Social Media

Explain Your Companies' Culture

Branded Video Features:

  • Write Custom Questions
  • Submit and Send a Story Video Request to a Happy Customer
  • Add On-Screen Instructions On hat Three Questions You Would Like Them to Talk About
  • Add a Custom Branded Preview Image to Your Video
  • Choose from a Library Of Background Music Files to Use in the Background Of Your Video
  • Add Final Produced Video to Popular Social Platforms Like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Download Final Produced Video Into an Mp4 Format

Start Sharing Stories that Get Noticed!

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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!


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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

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