People remember stories!

People learn by watching!
People love videos!
It’s no longer a matter of IF you are going to include video in your marketing plan, it’s a matter of WHEN.

Creating videos is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Your customers want video! They want to connect with you and video allows you to do it. The biggest challenge most people face is how can you easily record a video, edit, and share it. That has definitely been a challenge, until today!

Easy Video Capture gives you the tools to capture video testimonials, record, brand, post, or email professional videos in minutes! Easily capture and produce unlimited videos from your phone, tablet or computer with our patent-pending, do-it-yourself, automated video marketing platform!

It is exactly what you’ve been looking for and it’s ready and waiting for you to start creating videos!

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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

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01. Video Testimonials

With just a few clicks your customer can leave a video testimonial from any device.

There is nothing more powerful than a video testimonial. Easy Video Capture makes it easy to invite your customers to share, in their own words, why they chose to do business with you. Putting your most successful or happy customers on screen is a powerful way to have them share their story and people remember stories more than that five star review you are used to getting. Easy Video Capture gives you a quick and easy way to ask your customers to share their story. Customer stories using video connect with your future customers in a way that other testimonial mediums fall short. Video testimonials about how your brand has made a positive impact on their life or business is powerful.

02. Video Email

Engage with your clients with video email.

Easy Video Capture makes it simple to send video emails. Engage your clients with video email. Quickly and easily send video email messages that stand out! Video emails are the most effective way to get your emails noticed, personalize your brand, and connect with new and existing customers. Our easy-to-use video email software allows you to send video emails from any device quickly and easily.

03. Video Messages

Start conversations faster with video messages.

Videos get watched! With our video messages tool, you can record a quick video message and copy and paste a unique URL and Animated Thumbnail Image into your phone or other popular instant messaging platforms like:

  • FaceBook Messaging
  • LinkedIn Messaging
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • And more!

04. Branded Videos

Establish yourself as an industry leader with a well-produced, professionally branded video.

Branded videos increase your awareness, connect with customers, personalize your brand, and help you stand out from the competition. Whether you need to create videos to explain your products or services, share pro tips, or introduce your team members, Easy Video Capture makes this process simple. Branded video content is a key component in increasing brand recognition and sales.

05. Story Videos

Create a story video with multiple video clips.

What is a Story Video? A story is perfect for multi-step instructions, sharing tips or any application where you’d like break up your video content into several segments. It’s a great way to create engaging video content. Our story video tool lets you create three unique scenes. Those scenes could be a question or a statement – “What is mortgage insurance?” or “What are the steps to buying a house?” or “Why work with a real estate agent .” Story video could also be used as an extended video review of your products or services. Simply send an email to a client requesting a response with 3 questions. Easy Video Capture will give them 30 seconds to record an answer to each question. Then Easy Video Capture takes the three videos and combines them onto one sequence and then adds your branding, music, and call-to-action. The result? A finished Story Video that you can share with the world.

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Easy Video Capture Features

Manage Videos from Your Dashboard

Manage Videos from Your Dashboard

Track the progress of all your videos directly from the dashboard.

Record or Upload from Any Device

Create professional looking videos from any device.

Record…and Re-record till You’re Happy!

Easily record, preview, and re-record your video until you get it right.

Track Email Opens & Plays

See who opens and views your email videos and see how many times they play it.

Custom Email Images

Design your own branded graphics when sending video email.

Resend Video Emails

Easily reuse your videos by changing the recipient info and resend emails.
Custom Video Openers and Animated Logos

Custom Video Openers and Animated Logos

Customize your videos with professional animated openers.

Custom Call-to-Action Graphics

Add a customized CTA graphic at the end of each of your videos.

Customizable Call-to-Action Buttons

Easily guide your clients to the next step with custom CTA’s in your Video Emails.
Add On-Screen Instructions

Add On-Screen Instructions

Use pre-built suggestions or create your own prompts.

Add Music to Videos

Choose your favorite music from our music library.

Write Questions

Create custom prompts for your clients to answer.

Redirect Clients after Testimonials

Automatically redirect your clients to a customized thank you page or offer.

Download MP4 Video

Final edited videos can be downloaded in MP4 format.

Direct YouTube Integration

Upload videos directly from your dashboard.

One Plan. $69 per user/month

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You provide the video; Easy Video Capture makes it awesome!

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